Time to change the travel- and meetings policy for digital, hybrid and physical meetings?

October 18, 2021
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October 18, 2021 david

On the 12th of October, Travel IQ Nordic held a webinar where we discussed the need to update how we currently think regarding the Travel and Meetings policy. After introducing digital meeting risk (see more), we continued with the Travel and Meeting Policy for digital, hybrid and physical meetings.

We have had lots of positive feedback on the panel discussion consisting of three participants representing three different stakeholders – Travel Risk, Travel Management and IT Security. The participants were:

Ronny Sæther  – Senior Advisor Travel Risk Management and Executive Protection from Norges Bank
Ulrika Rosen – Travel & Meeting Manager from Tera Pak
Per-Erik Eriksson, IT consultant and spokes person regarding Cybersecurity Dataförenigen Väst in Sweden

They discussed security, the need for a new Travel and Meeting Policy that incorporates the digital meetings as a natural part of the Policy. The conclusion was, not surprisingly, current policies need to be updated.

Are you interested in seeing the recording and get the presentation? Please send us an email.


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