Corporate Travel Management

Corporate Travel Management is complex, and it’s difficult to be on top of the technology and services the different suppliers from the different supplier categories provide.

TravelIQ has the people and resources that can support or run processes, whether improving a setup or helping you sourcing suppliers. We can help you evaluate what you should look for covering both the present and future needs.

We can help you with:

Travel policy
How you communicate, implement, and integrate your travel policy is important for your spending, traveller satisfaction, and Travel Risk Management.

Travel Risk
Do you keep your traveller secure? It is part of an employer’s duty to keep their employees informed before, under, and after travelling. Travel Risk Management like risk, security, health, cybersecurity, and more. It’s an important area that should work in tandem with your travel policy.

Sourcing your suppliers
When at with whom should you have an agreement? Understanding the dynamics of the market, the pros and cons of the different suppliers, and how the market is developing is important before choosing your sourcing strategy. We can help you gather information about the market and the different suppliers through an RFI or we can help you all the way through with an RFP and negotiation.

Ask us about

– Airlines
– Hotels: short stay, long stay
– Meetings & Event
– Car Rental
– Payment solutions
– Expense Management
– Online Booking Tools

Travel agents/TMC’s
Who’s the best fit for your travel pattern, volume, and service expectations?

What should you think of internally, with the supplier and other suppliers that are part of delivering the service you are sourcing.

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