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Dr. Lucy Rattrie


Dr. Lucy Rattrie


Shaping travel through bespoke wellbeing strategy and development, to enhance traveller experiences in a sustainable way. Knowing how to improve the travel experience whilst balancing wellbeing and sustainability can be complex, intimidating and expensive. We co-create an authentic experience that is founded upon credibility, feels authentic, inspires and improves your revenue.

Dr Lucy Rattrie is a Chartered (Positive) Psychologist who also holds a PhD on wellbeing and performance within corporate travel and mobility. She brings fifteen years of unique experience blending academia, consultancy and people development. She has worked for international organisations, enhancing strategy, programs and culture plus providing executive and leadership education, assessments and coaching. She is the co-founder of the Business Travel Wellbeing Community, on the leadership team for the International Positive Psychology Association and has provided research and training for the Institute of Travel Management and Global Business Travel Association.

Lucy offers bespoke services to enhance wellbeing and sustainability within travel and is passionate about blending both for the benefit of people and the planet. This may include:

  • leadership development and coaching for professionals from the travel sector
  • e-learning and training to ensure wellbeing through the travel lifecycle
  • evaluation of travel approaches, policies, and programs in an evidence-based way
  • improvement of services, design and space for an enhanced experience
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