My story

Terje Olsen


Terje has national, Nordic and Global experience from the travel industry through operations, technology development, and commercial leadership in companies like HRG (Hogg Robinson Group) G Travel, Net Trans and Rica Hotels.

He assists clients in making great strategic, operational choices in connection with sales and client management. He helps the clients with implementing strategies to win and keep large accounts, secure successful implementation and follow up.

Implementation or sourcing of travel-related technology or services is also among his areas of expertise. Terje will help the client in understanding the value chain and through that get better service to the correct price. He can show great saving results for his clients.

Special competence
He’s special areas of expertise are developing teams that work with strategic sales and Key Account Management in the B2B market, deep knowledge of the Travel Value Chain, making and answering RFP/RFQ processes and technology development within the travel industry.

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